Next Gen


Team on Mission is the next generation solution to address the challenges of the demanding public safety environment – voice, data, video, interoperability and location services all bundled in one solution in real time. Team on Mission enables a smooth transition from PMR to MCPTT with the reliability and assurance that communications will be there when and where needed.

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Team on the Mission Capabilities

  • 3GPP-Compliant Mission Critical Push-To-Talk Solution
  • Secure Messaging, Multimedia File Sharing, and Voice Communications
  • Private, Secured LTE Network to Complement Existing PMR
  • Discourage Use of Civilian Consumer Apps with a Protected, Professional Solution
  • Location Tracking and Sharing


Who Needs Team On Mission?

Police and Emergency Services

Team on Mission is a secure communication system for the exchange of messages, text, image, audio, and video between all authorities with police duties. It replaces the usage of unauthorized messaging tools communicating over unsecured connections and running on foreign servers allowing interception by foreign administrations.

Airport and Infrastructure

Team on Mission allows airport operations to communicate real time over LTE networks. It enables a smooth transition from PMR to Multimedia. It also allows airports to coordinate and control all aspects of crisis response management securely and effectively.

Military and Security

Team on Mission is an advanced integrated communication platform developed to meet the needs of the military forces in the modern fast moving battlefield. Operating over portable military LTE networks, it enables combat forces, command headquarters and logistics centers deployed throughout the battle area, to securely communicate and share voice, messaging, data, video and location information using a single mobile handset. Team on Mission does everything that the present military radio can do and much more!